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You deserve to earn up to $55 per hour! We're going to show you how to become well compensated for your hardwork.

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80/20 Nurse High Income Plan
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Our 80/20 program is designed for the entrepreneurial minded nurse professional who aims to profit the most from a travel contract.



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Our Story

Nurses Pro, The world’s best paying Nurse Staffing Agency where Nurses are treated as Heroes!

Nurses Pro was founded in 2006 as a unique Travel Nurse Staffing Agency. Our founder gave us the vision that all Nurses are Heroes and they need to be treated as such. Based on this vision we came up with the concept that our Hero needs to well compensated for the critical services they provide.

To stay true to our founder’s vision we came with a split percentage employment programs where we share a majority of our earnings with the Nurses who we staff at Health Care Organization across the nation.

What make NursePro Unique: It’s all about the Network!

  • Our unique Career Management Process attracts the best and the brightest travel nurses to Nurses Pro.
  • It’s all about our Network, we are your gateway to over 6000 Travel Nurses Heroes.
  • Our Secret Sauce, is our process which allows you access, to some of the highly sought after talent!
  • We are all about Quality, Delivery and Customer Service

The difference between us and the other agencies is very clear.
We have a network of loyal and happy nurses who prefer to work with us over them.

Simply put we are your Gateway to the Heroes Network of over 6000 qualified RN’s!

Our Enhanced Quality Control

Prior to adding any one into the Nurses Pro Heroes Network and even before presenting our candidate for your review our travel nurses are thoroughly screened:
  •  Complete employment screen and reference check on every candidate
  •  Nurses who are Joint Commission compliant.
  •  Exclusive specialty specific Skills Checklist assessment for every candidate.
  •  Performance evaluations at the end of the assignment to maintain a highly qualified workforce.

If our travel nurse is coming from out of state, Nurses Pro provides licensure assistance to make the transition as smooth as possible. Our nurses are also current on their continuing education credits, since we assist with those requirements as well.

Post Placement Quality Control

Once a travel nurse is placed in your facility, our contract nursing agency stays involved and engaged to make sure that the transition process is a smooth one, and to help facilitate a resolution should any questions arise.
We work with your Human Resources and Accounts Payable Departments to ensure that the entire process is smooth and rewarding for everyone involved.

Our Guarantee

In addition to our thorough credentialing process we also offer our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
If you’re not satisfied with a Nurses Pro’s registered nurse during the first week of the placement, we’ll credit you for the total Nurses Pro’s billing related to that individual


We Specialize in:

Nurses Pro’s travel nurses are ready to assist your facility in these specializations:

If your institution has specialized needs beyond these, please contact us. We enjoy helping our clients overcome challenges

So are you ready to engage a Nurses Pro Hero today!

Our Heroes are ready to spring to action and fill your critical need, often taking very little time to get up to speed.

Call us today at 1-888-6-NURSE5 to talk to an Account Rep today about our contract nursing services.