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70/30 Nurse High Income Plan
Want To Earn More?
You deserve to earn up to $55 per hour! We're going to show you how to become well compensated for your hardwork.

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80/20 Nurse High Income Plan
Need More Freedom?
Our 80/20 program is designed for the entrepreneurial minded nurse professional who aims to profit the most from a travel contract.



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Message From CEO

Welcome To Nurses Pro. When we began Nurses Pro we truly wanted to do something different from the rest of the travel nurse agencies in the industry. Our goal was to be the best advocate for the Nurses out there.

With that in mind we started thinking about how we could become the best travel nurse agency out there. For over six months we did nothing but think about how we could accomplish this for you. And finally one day we came up with the solution.

Nursing is one of the most admired professions in the world, but we asked the question why is it that Nurses are not well paid. Moreover why is that the agencies that represent these traveling nurses continue to get richer and richer but the nurses themselves are not seeing any substantial benefits in their pay.

So we decided that as a Nurse Staffing Agency we were going to concentrate on Nurses being our number one client.

Unlike other Nurse Staffing Agencies our number one focus and loyalty is to you the NURSE.

As such we designed two great employment programs for our client's the Nurse.

The 70/30 safe and simple program

The 80/20 High Profit Program

Both of these programs were developed so that the Nurses who are represented by Nurses Pro get their fair share from the money an agency makes on them.

So unlike other staffing agencies which keep up to 56% of your bill rate in their pockets, we are going to let the nurses keep either 70% or maximum 80% of the revenue we earn on your work.

Why are we doing this? Because we think that you need to keep majority of the money you earn on as assignment because you do most of the work!

So yes we have figured out the way to be the best travel nurse agency out there. And we are well on the way to becoming one, and we are not going to stop by just giving you your fair share of the money that is earned on an assignment we are also going to give you the best nurse agency experience out there, for example weekly direct deposited paychecks, furnished housing, health care benefits and retirement benefits such as a 401K.

So please help us in becoming the best travel nurse agency out there, Join the Nurses Pro Economy today!.


Kashif Aftab, CEO.