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Contract Nursing and Nurse Travel Agencies

FAQ’s about Nurses Pro – A step above all other contract nursing and travel nurse agencies.

How can contract nursing work? It sounds too good to be true!

It’s simple. Our financial model is based on a very high number of professionals working with us at the same time. The Nurses Pro Economy receives a small percentage of the income from each individual professional. In exchange, because we achieve powerful economies of scale with so many contract nursing professionals, we can actually provide services to the entire group of professionals and still make a reasonable profit.

It is also important to know that we are not in the contract nursing business to make a quick buck. If we were, our profit percentages would be much higher! The Nurses Pro Economy is an investment in bringing alive the American Dream for every individual in the United States.

The Nurses Pro Economy is about opportunity long term for a rapidly growing population of professionals who choose to work as Professional Nurses that travel.

It’s not too good to be true. It’s just right and it’s about time!

What if I can’t find travel nurse positions?

Under the 80/20 program, Nurses Pro professionals will find contract nursing work for you. One of the biggest advantages of joining The Nurses Pro Economy is the regular flow of work. We not only have relationships with Employers who need your services, but we actively recruit new Employers to join The Nurses Pro Economy every day. We’re constantly growing, and so are our professional contract nursing position opportunities.

Will Nurses Pro pay my relocation expenses if I have to move for a travel nurse position?

Assignments where relocation expense reimbursement is allowed, Nurses Pro does pay for relocation expenses.

How do I know if I can find contract nursing positions in The Nurses Pro Economy in my profession?

First, you should contact Nurses Pro and ask. You would be amazed at how many new travel nurse positions for different professionals arise in The Nurses Pro Economy literally each day. Traditionally, Nurses Pro is specializes in Registered Nurse assignments.

What are the requirements to be a traveler?

  • One year of recent hospital-based nursing experience, in your specialty. Minimum requirements may vary slightly depending on your professional discipline.

  • Good References

  • Valid professional licenses

What does it take to be successful in contract nursing?

Flexibility, a positive outlook and an eagerness to enjoy a new adventure coupled with excellent clinical skills.

Will working at a nurse travel agency look good on my resume?

Yes! Changing locations as a contract nursing traveler demonstrates your dedication to your profession, as well as your personal adaptability and the flexibility of your clinical practice. As the travel healthcare industry is well-understood by nurse managers and hospital human resource professionals, when your travel career is over and you are seeking a permanent position, your resume will be strengthened by the list of travel assignments.

How will I learn about the hospitals where I will be placed for my travel nurse positions?

Each hospital has its own way of orienting and integrating travelers, depending on the size of the facility, how many travelers they use, how they orient their permanent staff, the orientation procedures of your individual assignment unit, etc. Your career manager will be able to provide you with many of these orientation details when you discuss potential assignments. This is also a great question to bring up during your interviews with the hiring managers at potential nursing assignment locations.

Do I need a new license for each state I have travel nurse positions?

Career management specialists work with you and your recruiter to ensure that you have all the necessary information to obtain the required license for your assignment state well before your start date. Each state does have its own rules and regulations (which change frequently), we encourage you to contact the individual state boards directly to obtain the most up-to-date information and application paperwork.

What is the typical length of contract nursing assignments?

The majority of contract nursing assignments range between 12 weeks to 13 months depending on the Healthcare Delivery Organization census requirement and your availability. It is possible to extend an assignment beyond its original length, which many travelers do.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. The contractual relationship is based on an assignment-by-assignment basis.

What is a full-time schedule for most travel nurse positions?

Forty hours per week is considered full-time for travelers working 8 or 10-hour shifts. Travelers who work 12-hour shifts are considered full-time at 36 hours per week.

Can I travel with family, friends or pets to my contract nursing assignments?

Yes! Traveling as a healthcare professional is a fantastic way to explore the country and bring your family with you.

Is it possible for a friend and me to take contract nursing assignments together?

Yes! Many "travel partners" select their assignments together and either work at the same hospital or at different hospitals in the same city. Some share apartments while others arrange to have their own private apartments in the same complex.

How long will it take before I can start my first contract nursing assignment?

Much of it depends on you and when you want to start. After your application has been accepted and processed (Background Check, References Checked, License Fraud Check, Skill Sets Tested), we immediately present you as a possible candidate to hospitals. If you are on the 90/10 program then you will already have accomplished this task, so you are ready to transfer to Nurses Pro and keep the same assignment or go to your next assignment.

Will I have flexibility in choosing my travel nurse positions?

Under the 90/10 program, you choose the assignments you want, you are in control. If you are on the 80/20 program, please let your career manager know about any specific requests, needs and wants you have concerning the locations and positions that interest you. Your career manager will work to make sure that your requests are met.

Travel the country. Earn extra money. It's all possible through contract nursing. Apply for new opportunities with Nurses Pro today!