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You deserve to earn up to $55 per hour! We're going to show you how to become well compensated for your hardwork.

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Our 80/20 program is designed for the entrepreneurial minded nurse professional who aims to profit the most from a travel contract.



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Who We Are

Our Story

“As the CEO of Nurses Pro we looked at the whole business model of the travel nursing industry decided to do things a bit differently,” says Aftab. “It is our vision to focus on RN professionals as our number one clientele rather than just another recruit for the healthcare facility. This time around we want to actually help the talent get its due.”


As the son of a physician, Nurses Pro founder and CEO Kashif Aftab always found himself around nurses. Whether watching them care for a sick child, administer a vaccination, or assist in the OR, he was always aware of the important role they played in the world of medicine.

In 2003, Kashif was running a successful $6 million/year I.T. consulting firm, an industry that traditionally pays its consultants only a fraction of the rate that the company bills its clients. Viewing that pay structure as “unfair” and “greedy,” he instituted a payment structure that he felt was fairer to his employees—he paid them 70% of their billing rate if he found them the work, and 80% if the consultants found their own work but used the consulting firm as the administrative backbone. He found that this method of compensation resulted in happier, more productive, and more loyal employees than he had ever had before.

In 2003, he had an important realization: he could apply to the world of nursing some of the same principles that helped make his I.T. business successful. When he began to do research and talked directly to nurses, he found that even though there was a critical shortage of nurses, the hardworking nurses on the front lines were not being paid their due. He started Nurses Pro to help even the playing field for nurses, while also helping to fill the overwhelming needs of healthcare delivery organizations through contract travel nursing.