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Welcome To Nurses Pro- Where Nurses Are Treated as Heroes

#1 Travel Nurse Agency & Travel Nursing Jobs

  • Are you a nurse, or an allied health professional, who is trying to figure out how to earn a better pay and be treated fairly by your industry?
  • Do you ever wonder what does the Agency charge for your work to the Hospital and how much are they keeping for themselves?
  • Do you want to be able to earn pay rates up to $50/hr?
  • Are you tired of being treated as a commodity by the Nurse Staffing Agencies?
  • Don’t you think it’s about time you to are treated like a hero?



Nurses Pro  the world’s best paying Nurse Staffing Agency where you are treated as the Hero!

As a valued part of the Nurses Pro Heroes Network immediately 

  • Increase your earnings exponentially,
  • Get access to hundreds of open positions across the nation
  • Enjoy top-notch benefits, such as Health Insurance, 401k etc.
  • Be treated as a Hero

Nurses Pro was ranked the #21 Nontraditional Nursing Site of 2012 by OnlineLPNtoRN.


The Best Solution

Consider each of these benefits:

  • Increase your Earnings capabilities exponentially-

    • Keep up to 80% of your billable rate. If you refer the project, you can earn up to 80% of the billable rate in pay and benefits. Plus, you get paid more consistently, get 401k benefits and have access to affordable health care.

    • Keep up to 70% of your billable rate. If you are selected to work on an existing Nurses Pro assignment you can earn up to 70% of the total rate that you are billed at in the form of pay and benefits. Pay is based on a pre-established split–not an arbitrary amount that your employer decides to pay you. In contrast, most other organizations only pay you 40-60% of what they bill for your time. We believe you are Hero, and we show we mean it by sharing our revenue with you fairly!

  • Exclusive access to Open Assignments-

    • As part of our network we find you exclusive assignments with our clients, and you can earn up to 70% of that assignments bill rate. We have assignments across the nation, and usually are able to find you jobs in the places you want to travel to.

  • Fortune 500 comparable Employee Benefits-

    • Because you are a travel nurse hero, we have designed a high-end employee benefits program for you. Your special program includes access to a nationwide PPO health plan, dental coverage, life and disability benefits and a managed 401K plan.

  • You are treated as a Hero-
    • You are in control. You know upfront what you will earn with us.
    • We respect you so we will never try to sell you on a job that is not right for you
    • We will work with you to locate an assignment where you are comfortable
    • You will never be treated as a commodity at NursesPro.
    • You are our #1 client.

Too good to be true?

No, it's not. Over 10,000 nurses have already joined the Nurses Pro network.

Talk with us to find out for yourself how we can help you change your life today through good pay and attentive agency service. It can’t hurt. You owe it to yourself to try us out.

Patricia Carter RN – a Nurses Pro Hero with over 10 years of experience described her recent experience with us as follows:

  "I chose Nurses Pro after thoroughly researching and making inquiries with several different companies. In comparison, Nurses Pro offered the best monetary compensation with similar benefits of health/dental insurance, travel reimbursement, license reimbursement, and various locations to choose in my field. I have found the team to be caring, understanding, knowledgeable and helpful making my transition as easy and smooth as possible. Every question I've had and every little issue raised has been handled promptly and professionally. I can truly say I am treated as a Hero at Nurses Pro.”  

Dana Kilgore RN

  "In June of 2010 I received a phone call from a recruiter asking me if I would be interested in going to Alaska to work and, of course, I said yes. On that day, my life changed for the better because of Abby Thomas. I will not say it has always been easy for her -- I tend to be difficult at times -- but Abby has helped me to see that not all recruiters tell you things that aren't true. I know there are times she would probably love for me to disappear for a few hours, but she is always professional and always kind. Thank you Abby.”  

Don’t have time right now?

We make it easy to enjoy hero status, and a few minutes of your time applying with us could mean the difference between thousands more in yearly income. Fill out our online application or call us at  1-713-979-2601 to speak with a Career Manager, who will guide you all the way to success.

Imagine This:

Join the Nurses Pro network and choose us as your staffing agency of choice maintain your independent status, get a lot more assignments without all the prospecting, get paid consistently, get paid more from each assignment and a fairer cut of your bill rate and access to health insurance. Watch your income increase, your stress decrease and experience a better lifestyle—and it only takes about 20 minutes to get started!

What’s Next?

1. Find Jobs Now!
2. Give it a chance, Apply to join our Network today.
3. Give us a call at 1-713-979-2601 and speak with a Career Manager.
4. See, How it Works here.
5. Watch Video -- "The benefits of partnering with Nurses Pro".
6. Download our Free Guide to Selecting the Right Nursing Agency.


Insider's Guide To Selecting The Right Travel Nurse Agency
Be Smart about who you choose as your travel nurse agency. After all, it's your hard work, your money and your future we are talking about here. Why throw valuable time out the window with an agency that won't have your interest protected?

At Nurses Pro, the proof is in the pay. We show you, through your paycheck, how much you mean to us. Our nurses get to keep more of THEIR money each week. Other agencies can say that they are on your side, but again "the proof is in the pay."

Sign up for our "Insider's Guide to Selecting the Right Nursing Agency" Today!




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